The Unit UNESCO Chair in Bioethics was established in April 2017 affiliated to the “Grigore T. Popa” University of Medicine and Pharmacy of Iasi, Romania, aiming to carry out scientific research activities that would develop and promote the field of bioethics from interdisciplinary perspectives. To achieve this goal, it organizes conferences and scientific seminars or workshops, conducts research by publishing papers and studies in the fields of bioethics, medical law, or communication sciences – all of these being the results of the scientific activity carried out by the Chair.

Furthermore, the Unit UNESCO Chair in Bioethics will also establish multiple academic and institutional collaborative programs in the fields of medical, socio-humanistic or legal sciences, at both national and international levels, as well as creating bonds between research institutes, professional and patients’ associations from Romania and abroad. Consequently, the Unit UNESCO Chair in Bioethics would promote students and practitioners’ knowledge of law and ethics of the medical field, allowing a better understanding of the ethical, legal, social impact of contemporary medical activities.

Not the least, the Unit UNESCO Chair in Bioethics also takes responsibility to promote and enlighten the impact of both local and national academy in bioethics, in connection and in line with the trends and principles of Bioethics worldwide by integrating the activities of the International Network of the UNESCO Chairs in Bioethics, which is currently represented by over 164 units, that includes about 700 members  around the world. In this respect, the local UNESCO Chair in Bioethics Unit will promote and sustain the establishment of interdisciplinary groups aiming to discuss and solve current issues in bioethics that would sustainable broaden the ethical and legal culture for medical practitioners allowing high professional performance standards conducted in a responsible and quality-based manner.